Northwest Construction Knowledge Hub

What is the project?

This project will help construction businesses in the Northwest to become more productive, cost effective and efficient, while enabling them to reduce their environmental impact.

The hub will provide live demonstration projects, the development of key performance indicators, benchmarking and awareness-raising events. Specialist one-to-one business support will also be available.

The project will further enable the construction sector to respond to the opportunities and threats posed by climate change, increased regulation and the Government Sustainability Drivers. This will allow them to become more competitive.

It is forecast that the project will reduce annual CO2 emissions, create 300 jobs while safeguarding a further 300 jobs and create a 'knowledge net' of in-depth support and assistance. The project is delivered under the 'Improving your Resource Efficiency' product, part of the Government's Solutions for Business portfolio.

What is its purpose?
To provide support and guidance for construction businesses in the Northwest, making them more productive and reducing their environmental impact.

How much funding has it received from ERDF?
£3 million.

How much funding has it received from other funding partners?
£3 million funding from all other project partners including the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA).

Who applied for this project?
Centre for Construction Innovation, University of Salford.