Genesis Business Park

What is the project?

Increased understanding of the molecular basis of difficult-to-manage human diseases and technology advances stemming from the Human Genome Project has opened up possibilities to develop a new category of biological medicines with life-saving potential.

The biopharmaceuticals sector is an area of great strength within the UK, with considerable activity in SMEs in the Northwest. We are entering a new phase for biopharmaceuticals, engaging the challenge of balancing production costs with commercial viability. The challenge includes the development of alternative production systems, shortening of development time from early stage production to first-in-human trials and new format, genetically-engineered, biopharmaceutical variants (to allow simpler routes of administration and more selective targeting or controllable lifespan within patients). The academic groups that form the COEBP have the expertise, knowledge and technology necessary to guide and partner the industrial sector in the Northwest.

A major element of this project is the establishment of a unique robotics facility which will increase efficiency in the biopharmaceutical development process (and decreased risk of clinical failure). The COEBP is the final piece of the biopharmaceutical jigsaw within the region complementing existing commercial activities at the National Biomanufacturing Centre and other major biologics manufacturing facilities. This development within the sector will ensure the Northwest is recognised for its advanced biopharmaceuticals industry and will act as a powerful lever for inward investment (both from industry and public/charitable funding bodies), which will be used to directly develop and enhance the capabilities of the COEBP and the industrial sector.

What is its purpose?
To develop a centre for biopharmaceuticals that will enforce the Northwest's reputation as the 'go to' location for biopharmaceuticals across the UK and globally, as well as providing a facility for advanced biopharmaceutical methods to be developed.

How much funding has it received from ERDF?

How much funding has it received from other funding partners?
£2,765,000 funding from all other project partners.

Who applied for this project?
University of Manchester.