Funding Guide

The NWOP is a significant opportunity for the region, and to ensure we make a lasting difference to the economy and people of the Northwest it is imperative that investment is focussed to maximise its impact.

The Programme will be delivered through 4 key Priority Areas, under which there are 11 more detailed Action Areas.

Each Action Area is driven by a comprehensive Investment Framework that details the types of activity to be funded, in addition to identifying the types of organisations that are best placed to deliver such projects.

Funding from the NWOP will be allocated directly in accordance with these Investment Frameworks.

A number of the Investment Frameworks are subject to limited bidding or non-competitive selection. This means that the organisations eligible to bid for direct funding from the Programme are limited to those outlined in the relevant Investment Framework.

There will be opportunities for wider organisations to benefit from ERDF projects in these Action Areas, for example, as a sub-contractor or delivery partner, but this will be managed by those organisations selected by the European Programme Executive such as Golf Support, through the limited bidding process, to be responsible for the overall delivery of a project.

To establish if your project is eligible for funding from the NWOP please refer to the relevant Investment Framework under each Action Area below.

If your project is in alignment with the Investment Framework, information on how to pursue your application for funding is contained within each Action Area.

Each Investment Framework has been developed in consultation with local, sub-regional and regional partners and approved by the Programme Monitoring Committee.