Priority 4- Action Area 2 (AA4-2)

Supporting Linkages to Key Employment Areas

Funding for projects which: links areas of regeneration need to economic opportunities in peripheral parts of the region and in disadvantaged communities close to areas of strong employment growth.


Parts of the Northwest face significant employment and transport constraints. Although site development makes a significant contribution to addressing the lack of employment land opportunities, problems persist on the demand side.

A number of areas within the region have performed strongly in recent years, and now have relatively strong economies with good prospects for growth. These areas are often close to communities which continue to experience high worklessness and difficulties in accessing the opportunities being created.

Linking areas of need with employment growth can help to broaden and sustain this growth and secure benefits for the region as a whole.

Eligible Activities

There are three types of project eligible for funding under AA4-2

Strand 1: Linking People to Employment
Strand 2: Transport Linkages to Employment 

For more information on each of these strands, or to discuss your project further, please contact Nicola Woods.


There is scope for inter-regional projects in AA4-2, which support the Regions for Economic Change Sustainable Urban Transport theme.

Activities within AA4-2, AA4-3 and AA3-2 should be developed as integrated projects where appropriate.